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Thar's yer Pirate Treasure!

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Pirate Costume using Dare to Wear Treasure top in Burgundy

This Halloween, "Dare" to express your own badassedness with a sexy pirate costume featuring Dare to Wear! Starrrrt with the Treasure Top in Burgundy, add some striped leggings or pants and top it off with a piirrrrate hat. Arrrgh, ye landlubbers, yer no match for this lady sea rrrrobberrr!


Which Witch are YOU?

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Glinda - the good witch

Are you more like Glinda, the Good Witch of the South? Or the Wicked Witch of the West and her evil monkeys? Maybe you identify with the Salem Witches? Or the Blair Witch? Or maybe you really ARE a Wiccan Witch, practicing "The Craft" in that secret little room under the basement floor... No matter which witch you are, Dare Fashion has you covered for Halloween!


Write your own Fairy Tale...

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Flitting through the forest on gossamer wings, casting magical spells, righting wrongs... who wouldn't want to be a fairie? Well, at least you can dress up as one for Halloween! Here's an easy Woodland Fairie costume that uses our Dare to Wear Ophelia top in Envy and our Harmony Leggings in Black. All you need to do is add a green choker necklace, some green fairy wings and some fresh flowers for your hair.


Keep Calm and Drink Blood

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"Vhat do you vant to be for Halloween?" All your friends keep asking you the same bloody question, and it's starting to be a real pain in the neck! 

You started pondering at Twilight and have been thinking From Dusk Until Dawn and still don't know what to wear. So you call your friend Buffy to Interview her for ideas, but she had The Hunger and pulled out her Blade to chop up some True Blood sausage. 


What we LOVE about Emily's blogpost

By Benjamin Wang 29 September, 2016 1 comment Leave a comment

Even though we had our hands full with other projects, including launching this blog and our refer a friend program, we were so impressed with Emily's positive attitude, her fitness journey, and her personal story that we decided to work with her anyway.

We're so glad we did! At first, we considered reproducing her entire review here on Dare to Share, but we've decided instead to share 7 reasons why we love her blogpost. This should be a helpful guide for any of you who are considering doing reviews or guest blogposts for Dare Fashion (or any other fashion company, for that matter).


Here Kitty Kitty...

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On a budget? Don't want to buy the cat ears and tail? No problem if you're not afraid of a little DIY. There are easy tutorials here and here (and plenty of others if you are Pinterested). And, you can has Cheezburger and eat it, too! Because the great thing about Dare to Wear is that you can use it for your Halloween costume AND wear it for other occasions throughout the year



Off with her HEAD!!! A Red Queen Costume

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You don't have to go down a rabbit hole to have a great costume this Halloween! Here's a fun Alice in Wonderland Red Queen Costume, that has the added benefit of giving you an excuse to yell "Off with his HEAD!" whenever you have it on!


Win a $500 Shopping Spree!

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Why are we here? (The Dare Mission)

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Why are we here?  Just like with people, this inevitable, existential question also comes up for sentient companies. Here at Dare Fashion, our attempt to answer it resulted in a three-part mission statement, which guides everything that we do.

  1. Create figure-flattering fashion for women of ALL shapes and sizes. 
  2. Keep manufacturing in USA, paying workers a fair wage in San Francisco. 
  3. Develop sustainable apparel solutions to keep our planet healthy.

What do you think about the Dare Mission? And, why are YOU here?





We Dare to Share!

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We want to have many, many voices on Dare to Share: if you're a fashion blogger (or just an enthusiastic customer) and would like to submit a post for the Dare to Share blog, please email us: hello@darefashionusa.com. We're prepared to give out FREE FASHION in exchange for full-length blog posts :)