Go Green for St. Patrick's Day: Save Money, Save the Earth!

By Benjamin Wang 22 February, 2017 29 comments Leave a comment


At Dare Fashion, we love St. Patrick's Day! It's not that any of us is Irish, or that we have any particular fondness for chugging beer with green food coloring. But, we do identify with the Irish sense of humor, the determined, yet fun-loving spirit... and everyone can use a wee bit of Irish luck from time to time!

Irish Luck Proverb

 Irish Laugh and Sleep Proverb


We also love that the official color of St. Patrick's Day is green, which happens to be the official color of our one of the three Dare raison d'être's: to move the needle on environmental sustainability. Our lovely little planet Earth is under siege, and we are all going to have to pull together to save her. To continue living on Earth, every single one of us is going to have to make an effort to be greener - it's not just going to take a village, it's going to take all the villages!

Dare to Care


Sounds hard? Almost impossible? Well, it doesn't have to be. Not if we make saving the planet a team sport and a community effort. Saving our home planet might be the best reason for us all to come together. And working together towards this common cause can unify us by reminding us of our shared humanity.

This year, for St. Patrick's Day, we are celebrating the greenness of our Dare community, thanking those who are already making a strong environmental effort, encouraging those who are just starting out, and sharing simple ideas that we all can do to help the planet. Our sustainability celebration requires YOUR participation! Please share one or more things that you are doing to help the environment in the "Comments" section below. It can be something very simple such as "Turn off the water while brushing teeth" or "Choose products with less packaging" or something more complex such as "We've installed a rooftop rainwater catchment system and use it to water our garden." At the end of this campaign, we'll compile all the tips and share them via our email newsletter and social media.

What's in it for you (besides saving the world:)? If you share a tip, we'll send you a coupon code for 50% off any of our green-colored Dare to Wear tops! That will really save you some green!

Dare to be Goth & Green! Dare Fashion St. Patrick's Day image
You sure as shamrock CAN be Goth on St. Patrick's Day!


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  3. Heather Wilt March 17, 2017

    I air dry all my clothes, I reuse everything I can, jars especially and I to buy green. My toothbrushes handle which is made from composite wood and the brush heads are replaceable.

  4. MP March 17, 2017

    I recycle everything I can, walk rather than drive when that’s an option, and use energy efficient bulbs in all my lights.

  5. Tonda Smit March 17, 2017

    Charge electronics in the car. The alternator in your car is making enough power to charge phones, tablets, etc. You will use less electricity at home, saving resources and money!

  6. Shanna March 16, 2017

    I turn the shower off while soaping up

  7. Amber McDaniel March 16, 2017

    We recycle grocery containers from the store so that less ends up in the landfill. Also composting old produce so that my garden benefits!

  8. Michelle March 15, 2017

    We recycle everything we can. We are also replacing all of the high water demand plants and shrubs with low water, drought tolerant plants. And finally, we will be installing a rain Barrera watering system to gather water for the flowers, etc.

  9. k March 11, 2017

    We reuse containers that we buy food in like butter, cream cheese, take out, anything that comes in a plastic bowl. They will wash well in the dishwasher for quite a while and they also freeze well.

  10. Chris Wileman March 10, 2017

    I stopped using weed killer on the lawn and instead rekindles the delight I had as a child to see the pretty yellow flowers and everything I took for granted! Like Honeybees!! When I see them visit the dandelions, I give thanks and don’t ever want to take them for granted again!!

  11. Daunell March 10, 2017

    I purchased a SunPort, it is a plug accessory that pulls energy from the solar energy my utility company makes instead of the fossil fuel energy. The company’s idea is to have enough people using SunPorts that the utility companies see the actual, real time solar energy demand and usage from their customers which should hopefully encourage the companies to transition more and more to sustainable natural energy sources. I found them on Kickstarter, the campaign is closed but you can get all the info from the Kickstarter site to route you to the company page if you are interested ;)

  12. Michele Noble March 08, 2017

    I got a cart to put on my bike in the summer and use it to go grocery shopping instead of using the car. I can haul up to 50 lbs at a time.

  13. Kathy Howard March 06, 2017

    Always keep a reusable shopping bag in your car!

  14. Raven March 06, 2017

    I am planting herbs and flowers as well as grass to help. I have also taught my children to pick up trash when ever they see it on the ground. It maybe little but it helps. Thank you

  15. Cathy Koch March 04, 2017

    I recycle the overnight packages we receive at work along with boxes and pop cans. I also try to use my own bags when i shop at the grocery store or other stores.

  16. Christa March 04, 2017

    Recycle everything you can.

  17. Christy Lee Fabio March 04, 2017

    Reuse shopping bags. Be aware of running water and electricity consumption. Recycle!!!!! Clean your garbage!!

  18. Katherine March 04, 2017

    I have singed up for e-statements for my bank accounts and credit cards.

  19. Anthea March 04, 2017

    I have installed solar panels and LED lightbulbs

  20. Alisha H. March 03, 2017

    Started a community clean up and garden team. Helping neighbors learn how little things can have a big impact .

  21. Eponine March 03, 2017

    I turn off the water in the shower while I scrub.

  22. Leslie March 03, 2017

    I have a notation on my e mail to consider the environment before printing. And I have paperless invoicing for all of my bills.

  23. Juliann March 03, 2017

    LED lightbulbs use much less energy and last for several years longer than regular bulbs. Plus you can get programmable ones now so you can turn them off and on remotely or on timers.

  24. Phil March 03, 2017

    I walk to church every Sunday instead of driving my car.

  25. Erika Almeida March 03, 2017

    Unplugging appliances when you are done using them saves electricity and your electricity bill.