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Dare Halloween Costumes are Here!

October 02, 2018 0 Comments

Dare Halloween Costumes are Here!


Finally, finally they are here!!! For years our creative customers have been putting together Halloween costumes using our tops and dresses, providing us with lots of inspiration for making our own Dare Halloween costumes.

This year we did it! You can now:

1. Purchase one of our pre-made Witch or Pirate costume bundles (10% cheaper than buying each item separately!)

2. Create your own costume with any Dare top or dress, and one or more accessories. Use coupon code HALLOWEEN10 to take 10% off any top (dress) + accessory combo!

Below are some of our costume ideas for inspiration!

1. Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? You can be either wearing one of our adorable witch costumes! For example, our Renaissance dress in black paired with a black hat and green & black striped tights makes an awesome  Wicked Witch of the West costume


Paint your face green, draw on a wart, and keep saying “I'll get you, my pretty!” all night long!

2. Purple is the second official color of Halloween after orange. It's also witchy and mysterious. Malficent, anyone?

Malficent costume


3. And no, we did not forget the Dare classic - red and burgundy colors! Look how well the witch hats with ribbons match with our corset tops!


4. Or, go for a classic witch color - green! It's the color of Belinda's skin and the cauldron with bubbling potion. This one is with our Anastasia top in Black/Emerald. 


5. If you are not sure about striped tights, pick a Renaissance top (or dress) in any color + a  black hat combo and add your own accessories and makeup! Plus, you get 10% off each item when you buy the combo vs. buying them separately. Here it is with Renaissance top in Phoenix:


6. Best part - you can later wear the dress any time throughout the year. Afterall, you are a witch all-year-round, not just on Halloween! 


Would you rather captain your own ship than mix potions and fly a broom? We have many sexy pirate costumes for you too!

7. Heather Gapp, one of 2016 Halloween Costume Contest winners put together her pirate outfit with our Bolero top in Red Queen, her own hat and accessories. We love what she did with her makeup, too!


8. Red tights or white tights look equally good on pirate wenches, it's a matter of personal preference! Here is our Treasure top in Black with white & black striped tights:


9.And here is Bolero top with red & black tights:

10. If you like being creative and making your own costumes, go ahead and use coupon code HALLOWEEN10  to combine ANY Dare top or dress with ANY one or more accessories, and take 10% OFF your entire order! Coupon applies to all the accessories, including jewelry and fingerless gloves. Here is a good example from Mademoiselle Meli: she combined our Renaissance top in Black, a witch hat, and black & white striped tights! 


Substitute the jewelry she's wearing with our crescent moon and pentagram necklace or a gothic lace choker:

11. Our tops and dresses make a great base for MANY costumes - not just witch or pirate. Queen, vampire, zombie, fortune teller, woodland fairy, steampunk captain, a villain - the possibilities are endless! 


We hope you are feeling inspired! If you do make a costume with a Dare top or dress, you can enter our annual Halloween Costume Photo Contest for a chance to win a $500 Dare Fashion Spree!

Your resident Dare Witch Natalia is wearing Victoria top in Blackberry Brocade (sold out, but lots of other colors in stock) and wishes you a fun and spooky Halloween!



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