Ways to Wear Your Dare

By Natalia Slastina 27 July, 2018 0 comments Leave a comment

I always design Dare Fashion with versatility in mind. One day, I hope to create the perfect garment for traveling - one you can throw in your suitcase and be ready for every single occasion. Until then, you can still use every Dare top and dress to create a multitude of Gothic, Victorian, Renaissance and Pinup-inspired outfits. Below are just a few ideas to get you started!

1.Throw on the Electra top and you really don’t need much else - metal hardware, twin corsets, and lace trim make it an instant outfit. It pairs great with our Harmony Leggings. To make it more goth, add studded boots, a black leather jacket, and a choker necklace. A timeless look that’s tough, sexy, and also comfy!

Dare Fashion - Goth Look


2. Love wearing black but are not a goth, perhaps more of a bohemian? Here is a romantic, witchy look you can easily put together with our best-seller - the Renaissance top in Black!

Add Harmony leggings to make a cute sexy set - they have the same lace trim at the ankle as the one used on the Renaissance tops!

Dare Fashion - Witchy Look


Our Renaissance tops and dresses also make for an easy Halloween outfit - just add a witch hat! Here is one witchy darling - Sarah Anne, the blogger of www.tonsablush.com wearing the Renaissance dress in Starling!

Dare Fashion - Witchy Look


3. Speaking of the holidays… Dare Fashion is not just for Halloween! Check out these festive looks put together with the Ophelia top in Envy and the Renaissance dress in Burgundy.

Dare Fashion - Holiday Look Dare Fashion - Holiday Look


4. I adore black and white outfits because they are so easy - no color matching needed. The possibilities become endless with different types of bottoms, footwear, and accessories!

Dare Fashion - Black & White Look Dare Fashion - Black & White Look Dare Fashion - Black & White Look


5. If you like color, choose a top in any of our lovely prints and add boho accessories. Pro styling tip - the accessories don’t have to match the color of your outfit. They can be complimentary - brown, black, and grey go with everything!

Dare Fashion - Bohemian Look


6. Another timeless and fun look - the pin-up! This one can range from very dressy to super casual. My favorite way to wear Dare is with converse sneakers! They make any outfit instantly more casual while also instantly cool! Pair one of our Angel tops with skinny jeans, cons, and red lipstick and you are ready to rock the weekend from the farmers market in the morning to the band performance at night!

Dare Fashion - Pin Up Look


However you wear your Dare, remember rule #1 - HAVE FUN! Don’t take fashion too seriously, play, and express yourself through style!

Dare Fashion - Dare to Wear Look

What is YOUR favorite way to wear Dare? Your designer wants to know! It helps me SO MUCH with the design process to know your style preferences, challenges, and ideas! Feel free to get in touch with me through the comments, on social media, or by email - I am always eager to talk to YOU!

With love, Natalia, Dare designer


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