Going Green (again!) for St. Patrick's Day

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Going Green (again!) for St. Patrick's Day


Last year's St. Patrick's Day campaign was our most interactive one ever. We asked you to share a Green tip (something that you do to help our environment) and, in return, we issued coupon codes for 50% off our Green tops. We had a ton of fun running the campaign, and it yielded five really amazing results:

1. Lots of Dare Fashionistas looking GREAT in green tops for St. Patrick's Day!

Here at Dare, your glamour is our mission - goal number one is to have you looking your very best in our fashion. We were SO glad to send out so many green tops and dresses so that you could feel confident (and cute!) on St. Paddy's Day. Even though the 50% discount doesn't leave much margin for profit, so what? If you're looking great and feeling great, so are we!

Ophelia Top in Envy


2. Y'all shared some GREAT tips!

Because we have great customers, we were expecting some great eco-ideas, but we were blown away by the quantity, diversity, and creativity of the suggestions we received! Really, y'all outdid yourselves... we were so moved by the responses, we felt compelled to compile them into another blogpost, which we published on Earth Day. Imagine a world where everyone followed ALL of the suggestions in that post... well, if we can imagine it, we can realize it!

Green Tips


3. Amplified the collective message: "We care about the environment!"

A few months ago, Time magazine put out an "Optimism" issue, edited by Bill Gates. He made the point that it can be hard to see progress, because gains are often subtle and incremental, whereas tragedy and catastrophe happen all at once and make great headlines. Over time, as a population, we have started to understand that our planet needs to be cared for and nurtured, not ruled over and tamed. We were proud and honored to, in some small way, give voice to that understanding.

We care about the environment!


4. Jump-started Dare's Sustainability projects.

Giving voice to your "greenness" forced us to look inward - what are WE doing to help our planet? We've long had a "Dare to Care" page, where we've outlined our sustainability initiatives and intentions. But it's one thing to have good intentions and another thing entirely to take action and make progress. Shortly after our "Go Green" St. Patrick's Day campaign, we had a Dare team meeting to discuss the impact we wanted to have on the world. The result was the Dare Environmental Moonshot: to shift 90% of our production to sustainable fabrics by 2025. That goal has been propelling us forward ever since - so, thank you, for inspiring us!

A Dare Fashion Press Release!


5. Reminded us to make more green styles!

You've let us know that you love the color green! In the early days of Dare, we sold only wholesale - to other retailers who resold our styles. Whenever we put out a green colorway, it was always the least popular, so we stopped making our fashion in green. Later, when we had more communication with you, our "end-use" customers, lots of you asked for more styles in green. Well, we heard you loud and clear - in the past year, we've introduced four more best-selling green colorways to our collection. It just goes to show that good things happen when we listen to you! Please keep giving us feedback so we can improve what we are offering!

             Renaissance Top in Envy           Bewitched Top in Black/Emerald      Anastasia Top in Black/Emerald                 Bolero Top in Fern



So... let's Go Green again this year, shall we?

Please try to share a tip that is different from the one you shared last year... extra points if you share an idea that no one has suggested yet! Here are the details:

This year, for St. Patrick's Day, we are celebrating the greenness of our Dare community, thanking those who are already making a strong environmental effort, encouraging those who are just starting out, and sharing simple ideas that we all can do to help the planet. Our sustainability celebration requires YOUR participation! Please share one or more things that you are doing to help the environment in the "Comments" section below. It can be something very simple such as "Turn off the water while brushing teeth" or "Choose products with less packaging" or something more complex such as "We've installed a rooftop rainwater catchment system and use it to water our garden." At the end of this campaign, we'll compile all the tips and share them via our email newsletter and social media.

What's in it for you (besides saving the world:)? If you share a tip, we'll send you a coupon code for 50% off any green-colored Dare to Wear item! That will really save you some green!

Go Green! - Green Dare to Wear tops
You sure as shamrock CAN be Goth on St. Patrick's Day!



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  1. Jason March 13, 2018

    Bring a container to the restaurant! Leftovers? Put them in your own container and save on plastic or styrofoam. Haven’t had any restaraunts that wouldn’t let us do it!

  2. Sue Johnston March 13, 2018

    I purchase all of my meat, sheep’s milk cheese and eggs from small local sustainable farmers here in Wisconsin. They also have a food share program and I purchase a “share” of their crops for a fee as well as growing my own herbs and vegetables. EVERYTHING my family eats is homemade… nothing prepackaged or pre-made from the store. Supports our local economy and is environmentally friendly.

  3. Jenna March 13, 2018

    Since water is such a precious commodity, I turn off my shower whenever I’m not actively rinsing any soap off of me. I also use a large bucket to hold the water as it turns into a comfortable temperature and use it for watering my fruit trees and herbs.
    With whatever fruit that falls or is extra, I use to compost. I also regularly give my surplus to the homeless people in my area.

  4. Ginger Hughes March 13, 2018

    Ok so, instead of throwing away veggie ends, I save these in freezer quarts, & then use the varieties for various soup stocks. Then, after I achieve my desired soup stock, I drain, mix veggie scraps with used coffee grounds & egg shells, & compost this mixture in my garden. My zucchini, alone, is worth the effort because the smallest one is usually around 2 ft long & 6 in round. Largest one, so far, was 3 1/2 ft long & 8 in round. Lol.

  5. Jayne Francis March 13, 2018

    My comment is elementary. I gently wash my garment by hand and let dry in open air. This contributes to a cleaner atmosphere and less chance of machine damage to clothing that I really value.

  6. Amber McDaniel March 13, 2018

    I have started seedlings in my living room so that I can grow the vegetables I love in the summer! Squash, tomatoes, cauliflower, asparagus…yum! Plus-use your used coffee grounds and eggshells to enrich the soil.

  7. Jennie Huntoon March 13, 2018

    We went down to being a one-car house to go a little greener! (saves us lots of money, too!)

  8. Angela Hamel March 12, 2018

    I rinse out my straws and reuse them.

  9. Sunshine March 08, 2018

    Hi! I love this st patty’s promo, its great! I love your tops & wear the ones I own with pride!

    My green tip is a product available on amazon. They are dryer balls made of sheeps wool, and made in new Zealand. They work in place of dryer sheets, have no chemicals, make loads of clothes dry faster, and keep clothes static free! They last for many hundreds of dryer loads. I feel safer drying my delicate/precious garments(including my dare tops!!) using them as I can use lower heat for a short time and they come out perfect! A couple companies make them and they are a great eco find & save you money due to how long they last!!

    Thank you for making clothes that help me show off my curvy sexy body in an elegant & striking way!

    Sunshine Valinor

  10. Jaime Foster March 08, 2018

    To go green vote with your dollar and buy produce and/or animal products from responsible local farmers that use organic growing methods. By supporting local sustainable farming we are taking money away from the large agribusinesses that are polluting the environment and our communities. The more people that get on board, the sooner we will see change in agriculture, and lessen the environmental degradation that occurs from irresponsible farming.

  11. Jennifer Cruz March 07, 2018

    I actually recycle old fruits and vegetables to use as compost for my little garden, I never throw away anything that is recyclable, I do take it to where they do recycle the materials and I never throw anything into the ocean, I pick up the garbage and throw it away and now since my island was hit by a horrible hurricane I am trying to help re grow the vegetation as well as the trees

  12. Catherine Drougas March 07, 2018

    I’ve stopped using plastic bags at the grocery store and use my own bags. If I do get bags, I return them to the recycle bins at the store (like Target). I feel better about myself knowing I’m not using those bags to pollute the environment.

  13. Michelle March 07, 2018

    We reuse our plastic grocery bags as trash bags and don’t buy any items containing the plastic can/bottle holders. I’m also in the process of changing out my plastic food storage containers for reusable glass containers.

  14. Bonnie March 07, 2018

    As a way to “Go Green” I carpool to work with a co-worker.

  15. Rhonda March 07, 2018

    Reuse your plastic grocery bags for next days lunch, use & recycle

  16. Andrea Ayestaran March 01, 2018

    I recycle as much as I can. What I have been doing lately is donating my toilet & paper towel rolls to the library for children to craft with. If you eat frozen food you can recycle the box. I use mine as index cards or scrap paper. You know the disinfecting wipes from Lysol and such? I’ve been using them to store my plastic bags in my car and home. Very handy! I also recycle prescription bottles. I craft them as emergency aides such as: sewing and first aid. I sell these at craft events. They go quick. I add a magnet to them for students lockers, etc.

  17. Diane morey February 28, 2018

    I have a small yard, but I’ve planted as many trees I could possibly fit. I am definitely a tree hugger

  18. Faye February 28, 2018

    I plug as many appliances as I can into power strips. Things like TVs, DVD players, Printers – all draw power even when they are off. So I plug them into the power strip and then shut the whole strip off – using less energy.

  19. Amy February 28, 2018

    Reuse plastic shopping bags as bathroom garbage bags

  20. Ingrid D. February 28, 2018

    I collect all toilet paper roll cores made of cardboard from my home and work before they land in the garbage and take them to the kindergarden, where they make beautiful handcrafts for special occasions (Easter, mother’s day, Christmas for example).

  21. Anne February 27, 2018

    Our last apartment building had no way to recycle. When we made our move, a building with a recycling program was a must, and our current building is great about it. Once we moved in, we also replaced all the incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs and are careful in how we use water and electricity, including when it comes to heating and cooling. A mild winter has even meant I can mostly get by with just a heated blanket, rather than heating the whole apartment.

  22. Amy April 27, 2018

    We re-fill water bottles and reuse them.

  23. Robin Mauck February 27, 2018

    Ask for no straw with your drink! So much plastic is saved simply by not getting one use straws. Invest in some cute reusable straws instead

  24. Dare Fashion February 27, 2018

    What a great idea, Daunell! Watch your email – coupon code should arrive in next day or so!

  25. Daunell February 27, 2018

    Save Your Pill Bottles: I am a crafter, jewelry, scrapbooking, chatchkies, etc. and most of my crafting supplies are small little bits and pieces. The packages they are sold in are not intended for storage, you have to destroy most of them to get to the items. Instead of buying “craft” storage I reuse my perscription bottles. They are see thru so I can see what is inside, they seal so you run less chance of losing what you put in them, they stay out of the trash where most end up even though they can be recycled, and are basically free. I soak mine in warm water with a few drops of dish soap to remove the labels. You can use opaque bottles from OTC meds too, use a sharpie to write the contents on the lid or put a label or duct tape on the side and put the description there :)