Love Yo Self Day!

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Valentine's Day is fast approaching and I know this holiday brings up many different feelings for people. Many people will be super excited for February 14th - they'll have the chocolates, flowers, and gifts ready for their special someone. Some single ladies will also have this covered - getting their "Galentine's" Day celebration on with their gal pals.

But for some people, it will be a sad, tough day. They could be newly-single or their lover could have died years ago. They could want love desperately but just can’t seem to find the right person. Or they may be in a relationship and still feel lonely and unloved.

Whether you are over-the-moon about Valentine's Day...

Dare Fashion - Valentine's Day Blog

or think Valentine's Day is about as much fun as passing a kidney stone...

Dare Fashion - Valentine's Day Blog

This post is for YOU. No matter your current relationship status, there is one thing we can ALL have right now - a wonderful relationship with ourself that fills us up and makes us feel whole. The truth is you don't need someone else to complete you... Sorry Jerry, I complete me, thank you very much!

Dare Fashion - Valentine's Day Blog


You can start your romance with yourself RIGHT NOW. Plan a date night with yourself and do something you absolutely love: go to a movie, take a bubble bath, get a mani-pedi, get a massage or a facial, rent a room and sing your heart doing solo karaoke, TREAT YO SELF!*


Want to take the self-love up a few notches? Years ago, a mentor recommended I do a Louise Hay exercise, where I had to look at myself in the eyes in the mirror and say to myself, "I love and accept myself exactly as I am." I cried the first time I did this because I didn't love myself at all back then. All I saw were things I wished I could change. I was shocked when I became aware of how much I truly loathed myself and I made a commitment that I would choose self-love instead of self-hate.

I didn't know how I would do it, but each day I set the intention to be a little more compassionate with myself. I learned to forgive myself when I made mistakes. I let it be OK that my skinny jeans didn't fit anymore, and I went and bought clothes that fit me and made me feel BEAUTIFUL. I wrote lists of things I liked about myself that slowly started to become things I loved about myself. And I stood in front of that darn mirror, really looking at myself, and the voice that told me I wasn't enough began to change to a kinder, gentler voice.

Dare Fashion - Valentine's Day Blog - I Heart Myself


One day I looked at myself in the mirror and I began to cry because I saw a beautiful, strong, healthy WOMAN staring back at me. I knew at a cellular level that who I was did not depend on my jean size or whether my skin was pimple-free and young-looking. I knew that I was perfect just the way I was and that my body was an awesome freakin' miracle!

Dare Fashion - Valentine's Day Blog - Natty C in Mirror


So this Valentine's Day, I encourage you to start the journey of falling in love with yourself and be your OWN Valentine. I truly believe that we can change the world with LOVE and that begins with loving ALL of who we are.

Dare Fashion - Valentine's Day Blog


XO Natty C

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