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Women Who Dare vol.3: Author Lauren T. Hart

By Dare Fashion 28 June, 2017 4 comments Leave a comment

Almost all of my stories, in one way or another, originated as dreams. My dreams are very detailed and vivid, there’s little difference between them and the waking world, except for some of the fantastical elements...

I feel most comfortable when who I am on the inside is reflected — in some way — on the outside, and who I am on the inside is full of ideas, and characters and entire worlds and galaxies that span centuries into the past and eons into the future...


Life's Too Short for Body Shaming

By Erin Lyons 31 May, 2017 4 comments Leave a comment

Ever let a hashtag send you on a body shame spiral?

I almost did.

A while back, I took a picture of my fat cat looking particularly lumpy. I posted it on Instagram with some cheeky caption that wasn’t clever enough for me to remember now, along with the hashtags #fatcat and #lovehandles. Since I've already perused the #fatcat hashtag at length (natch), I clicked through to #lovehandles.

The result in three words: don't do that...


Moms Rule.

By Benjamin Wang 27 April, 2017 10 comments Leave a comment

A couple years ago, we had a "Bring your Mom to Work" Day at Dare Fashion. Three of our moms were able to come. Natalia's mom, Maria (or Masha) was visiting all the way from Siberia; Ben's mom, Shirley, came on the BART subway from Walnut Creek, and Lisa and Kristen's mom, Elizabeth, drove up from Belmont. We had an awesome afternoon together...

READ MORE to find out about their visit, why we appreciate them so much, and how loving your mom can earn you a 50% off coupon!

The Voices We Amplify on Earth Day

By Benjamin Wang 21 April, 2017 5 comments Leave a comment

We all can choose which voices we amplify and which we do not. Here at Dare Fashion... we were SO INSPIRED by all the great things Dare customers around the world are doing to make our planet greener. These are the voices that we want to amplify...


A Grave Obsession: Beccy Dancer @ladyxboleyn

By Crissy Gooding 09 March, 2017 1 comment Leave a comment

Beccy Dancer @ladyxboleyn is a UK-based artist, model, graveyard enthusiast and loyal Dare Fashion customer. She now owns about 20 Dare to Wear pieces!
Check out our latest blogpost to find out what sparked her passion for graveyards, what kind of eyeliner she uses, and why you should never, ever exhume the coffin of your lover...


Go Green for St. Patrick's Day: Save Money, Save the Earth!

By Benjamin Wang 22 February, 2017 33 comments Leave a comment

...We also love that the official color of St. Patrick's Day is green, which happens to be the official color of our one of the three Dare raison d'être's: to move the needle on environmental sustainability. Our lovely little planet Earth is under siege, and we are all going to have to pull together to save her. To continue living on Earth, every single one of us is going to have to make an effort to be greener - it's not just going to take a village, it's going to take all the villages!


Why You Should Be Your Own Valentine in 2017

By Erin Lyons 09 February, 2017 3 comments Leave a comment

There are two kinds of people in this world. One who, as the middle of February nears, dons their sweetheart-print pajamas and nestles all snug in their beds, with visions of heart-eyed anime characters dancing adorably in their heads...

Beyond Politics: Why the Women’s March was for all of us

By Erin Lyons 23 January, 2017 0 comments Leave a comment

We Stand Together - Women's March 2017

We at Dare Fashion wanted to seize this opportunity to make a statement on what we DO stand for. And that is providing women with clothing that is made in the USA, which allows them to feel beautiful, accepted, and powerful. Did you know that, unlike most mainstream designers, all of our clothing is designed on a 2x model, and then scaled up and down to fit sizes S-5x? Because no matter what your size or shape, we think you are BEAUTIFUL and you deserve the best.


Self Love is the Ultimate Rebellion

By Erin Lyons 09 January, 2017 3 comments Leave a comment

Erin's High School Photo

...fighting for the rights of women, the LGBTQ community, and people of color - how could I believe these things and still body shame myself? How could I hypocritically disclude myself - and by proxy, my fellow curvy women - from my fight? That's when it really sunk in: the act of self love is the ultimate form of rebellion. And that self love directly involves our bodies.



Women Who Dare vol.1: A letter from Faye L.

By Dare Fashion 19 December, 2016 0 comments Leave a comment

Faye's portrait in Dare to Wear Corsetta in Purple Potion

..."I own several of your quality pieces and hope to add to that collection in the future. I have always been a larger figured person and have long felt depressed about the lack of choices in women's fashion for plus size ladies. You are so right - there is a real feeling that if you are plus sized, you had best be content in shapeless dresses or sweatpants and over-sized t-shirts. Finally, there is a clothing outfitter that understands what I want as a full-figured woman!..."