In Honor of Mother’s Day

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Dare Fashion Mother's Day 2018

In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would share some of my favorite lessons I have learned from my mother.

1. Wear clothes that make you feel fabulous!

Growing up, my mom did not teach me about makeup or how to do my hair. She had very straight hair and I had a very curly, out-of-control mane, which led to me being teased and called “Lioness” by my now-balding brothers (HA HA!). She always went au naturel and had no real interest in makeup, but always dressed beautifully. I went through my "grunge" phase in high school and then my "dress sexy" phase in college, which would always get the same look from my mom. You know, THE LOOK.

Mother's Day 2018


Now, as I am getting closer to 40, I have finally found my true style. It is mostly funky, fun, and includes a lot of onesies!

Mother's Day 2018


I also find myself dressing more and more like my mother, in a way that makes me feel feminine. Mom, I am not ready for mother-daughter Chicos trips (yet), but I am grateful you have inspired me to dress in a way that makes me feel beautiful, like the goddess I am!

2. Love yourself NO MATTER WHAT!

My mom and I are so alike, we even struggled with the same eating disorder for many years. Triggered by her divorce, my mom relapsed around the same time that I began privately battling my own eating disorder. I didn't start healing until I was able to be open and honest with her. We became each others' biggest supporters and she has never stopped pushing me to love all of who I am, exactly as I am. Her journey to love herself more every day has inspired me to do the same and to share that message with the world!

Mother's Day 2018

3. Live your best life and LAUGH a lot.

My mom has never been afraid of looking like a dork, and it is truly wonderful! She will dance anywhere and doesn’t care who is watching, she sings at the top of her lungs to songs she doesn’t know the words to but loves, and she is excited by EVERYTHING. She has shown me how to be an adult and still make time to play and be silly. Y’all, this world is stressful and we need to be able to hit pause on adulting and have silly fun!

Mother's Day 2018

Mother's Day 2018

4. Be Kind.

The word "mother" brings up many different reactions from people, such as feelings of comfort, love, anger, loss, joy, UGH, happiness, and more. I have found it to be a sensitive topic for many, because not everyone had the same experience that I have had with my mom, and I know I am incredibly blessed.

When I was a waitress working on Mother’s Day, I was always extra nice to women coming in by themselves. Who knew if they were single and wished they had kids - or maybe they weren’t able to have kids at all? I sent all of them extra love. I do things like this because my mom taught me to think of others and be kind. She took me to nursing homes and hospitals and taught me to be of service in the world. She showed me how to forgive those who hurt me and how to release resentments and judgements. One of my favorite memories of her is when a guy cut her off driving, and she blessed him while giving him the finger!

Whatever your relationship with your mother, I encourage you to honor the mother in you! The part of you that goes out of its way to do something special for others. The part of you that worries when loved ones are sick. The part of you that is PURE LOVE! You don’t have to give birth to be a mother to someone. You could be an incredible aunt, an awesome babysitter, a loving plant or pet owner, a good neighbor, or a friend to someone in need. And in honor of all the mothers throughout the world, put your phone down and go have FUN with someone you love!

Mother's Day 2018

Natty C



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