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Six ways to be a pirate for Halloween

September 25, 2017 1 Comment


Badass pirate, Anamaria, putting Jack Sparrow in his place

Off the top of our heads, we can think of three good reasons for you to be a pirate for Halloween:
1. Girl pirates are super badass.
2. You can make a pirate costume out of almost any Dare Fashion top.
3. You get to say fun stuff like, "Arrrrgh! Swab those decks ye landlubbers, or you'll be walking the plank straight into Davy Jones's Locker!"

Here's the version of the pirate costume we detailed last year:


It uses the Treasure top in Burgundy, but you really could start with any of our Treasure tops and build your costume from there.

We also showed how you can make a pirate costume with our Black Renaissance top:

Blogger Emily Lambert made her pirate costume with Sweetheart top in Blue Violet:

Heather, one of our awesome Dare Fashion customers, made her pirate costume out of our Bolero top in Red Queen:

If you prefer wearing a skirt, here's a black buccaneer costume with red accents that starts with our Electra top in Raven:

And finally, if you're a sexy stiletto kind of a sea raider, here's a corsair costume featuring our Corsetta top in Black:

We all know that the best kind of pirate is a funny pirate, so you're going to need some pirate jokes. In our last installment, we gave you the answer to the question: "Why did the pirate cross the road?" (To get to the second hand store). But why didn't she buy anything at that store?
A: Because she got everything she needed at the Yaarrrrrrrrrrd Sale!

So bad it's good? Or so bad it's bad? How about this one: On a balmy day in the Caribbean, the voice of Captain John's lookout rings out, "Two pirate ships fast approaching from the East!". Unfazed, Captain John looks in his spyglass, then turns to the First Mate and says "Go and fetch me red shirt!" Donning the red shirt, the Captain fearlessly leads his crew into battle and through a valiant effort, they turn back the pirates. As they are celebrating with the men, the First Mate asked the Captain, "Sir, why do you wear the red shirt into battle?" Captain John explains, "If I am injured in battle, the red shirt will hide the blood - my men won't be disheartened and the enemy won't get any morale boost." The crew, super impressed with their Captain's ingenuity, toast his bravery and insight.

The next day, the voice of the lookout rings out again, "Fifty pirate ships fast approaching from the West!" Captain John looks through his spyglass and sees a huge fleet of marauders with raked masts and all-black sails racing towards them. He turns to the First Mate and says, "Go and fetch me brown pants!"

Need more pirate jokes? Try this one.

Need more costume ideas? How about: Kitty Cat, Woodland Fairy, Vampire, Queen of Hearts, Witch, or Beetlejuice?

Need more figure-flattering fashion? Then don't forget to enter our Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Photo Contest! The Grand Prize is a $500 shopping spree! What arrrrrrrree you waiting for?



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January 26, 2023

Such an informative post… totally new to all of this. Thanks for sharing!

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