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What we LOVE about Emily's blogpost

September 29, 2016

Emily HeadshotA few months ago, we received an email from Emily Lambert, aka Freelance Lady, a blogger who wanted to review one of our tops.

Even though we had our hands full with other projects, including launching this blog and our refer a friend program, we were so impressed with Emily's positive attitude, her fitness journey, and her personal story that we decided to work with her anyway.

We're so glad we did! At first, we considered reproducing her entire review here on Dare to Share, but we've decided instead to share 7 reasons why we love her blogpost. This should be a helpful guide for any of you who are considering doing reviews or guest blogposts for Dare Fashion (or any other fashion company, for that matter).



1. She LOVED the top


Of course, this is not a pre-requisite of a good review, especially because these reviews are supposed to be unbiased. However, our company tagline is Confident Curvy Couture and we pride ourselves on satisfied customers, so we were overjoyed that the Dare to Wear Sweetheart top in Blue Violet made her feel so happy and beautiful that she even took selfies to prove it!

Emily Selfie in Sweetheart in Blue Violet



2. She did her research


Before ordering, she found our Dare Fashion Size Chart, took measurements, and made sure to request the correct size. Then, before she started writing, she looked carefully at the Sweetheart Top product description, so that some product features that are important to us are reflected in her review. She also studied our About Us page and had a clear understanding about who we are and why we do what we do. We glowed with pride when we read her what she wrote:

"This company really understands just how difficult it is for us to find alluring, sexy clothes that actually fit. They're aware of the misconception that bigger women don't care about how they look... Luckily, Dare to Wear just gets it. This is why they offer some of the following plus size Renaissance, steampunk, Gothic, and Victorian fashions for women sizes S to 5X... You can finally rejoice! Dare to Wear has thrown out that terrible misconception that plagues plus size women around the world."



3. She delivered!


Her review was professional, timely, well-written, descriptive, and very detailed. We were impressed that she posted her review just a week after receiving the top! And that she not only described the top and its construction, but also how it fit on her. For example, we loved how she discussed how the corset lace-up worked with her figure to tone down her midsection and enhance her bust (this is just what Natalia designed it to do!).


4. She included LOTS of photos


In addition to the aforementioned selfies, she included photos of the front view, back view, side view, shots on the hanger, detail shots of the hemline and adjustable faux corset lace-up, and many more! All these photos give the reader a great feel for the top. Plus, all fashion companies are inherently a little narcissistic - we LOVE to see photos of our fashion on our fabulous customers!


5. She made it personal


Emily described how the top made her feel and how it affected the people around her.  "I feel so attractive when I'm wearing it.  Even my husband remarked about how nice it is (and he's quite the picky fellow when it comes to fashion)." With fashion, the emotional aspect is on par with the aesthetic - how clothes make us feel is just as important as how they look. A good fashion blogger knows this and will express her feelings as well as her observations.


6. She went above and beyond


She used her photos to make graphic images which included titles and a little artistic flair.

We also just loved the creativity in her outfit idea collages:

Night Life Outfit:





Renaissance Pirate Outfit:







Work/Interview Outfit:









7. She promoted our company


Emily was enthusiastic about Dare to Wear throughout her blogpost and even included details about about our no questions asked return policy and our refer a friend program. This direct promotion helps convince her readers to give Dare Fashion a try.  Also, wherever possible, she included live links back to the appropriate pages of our website. This indirect promotion is also very helpful (for you business nerds and marketing-minded folks out there: it boosts the SEO of our site:).


Overall, we were extremely pleased with our collaboration with Emily Lambert, the Freelance Lady. So pleased that we sent her a Dare to Wear Electra top in Garnet and the Dare to Wear Harmony leggings in Black for her review.


What do you think of her review?  And would you consider writing a guest blogpost for Dare to Share?


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