Off with her HEAD!!! A Red Queen Costume

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Red Queen Costume using Dare to Wear Corsetta in Red Queen

You don't have to go down a rabbit hole to have a great costume this Halloween! Here's a fun Alice in Wonderland Red Queen Costume, that has the added benefit of giving you an excuse to yell "Off with his HEAD!" whenever you have it on!


Dare to Wear Corsetta in WonderlandThe "heart" of this costume is a Dare to Wear Corsetta top in Red Queen (for an alternate look, you might choose the Corsetta top in Wonderland, pictured at right).

Pair it with a Red Queen hat or wig, and wand. Now all you have to do is find a ruffly skirt or some leggings and lace up boots (both options are pictured in the image above:).


We love that the makeup for this costume is so dramatic and yet it's relatively easy. Here's a fun and easy makeup tutorial ... this one's also pretty easy, and Natalia - our designer and co-owner - (who has some experience with this costume) has a tip to make it easier still! Instead of using heavy white makeup, you can use white foundation for easier application and clean-up.



Natalia and Aryana - Red QueensHere's a photo of Natalia and our friend Aryana wearing two interpretations of the Red Queen costume.

Although they both look smashing, neither is in Dare to Wear; this photo predates our Corsetta top.

Which means less competition for your Red Queen entry in our Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Photo Contest!







You ARE going to submit at least one entry, right?  Because, you would have to be Mad as a Hatter to miss your chance to win a $500 shopping spree!


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