Keep Calm and Drink Blood

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True Blood

"Vhat do you vant to be for Halloween?" All your friends keep asking you the same bloody question, and it's starting to be a real pain in the neck!

You started pondering at Twilight and have been thinking From Dusk Until Dawn and still don't know what to wear. So you call your friend Buffy to Interview her for ideas, but she had The Hunger and pulled out her Blade to chop up some True Blood sausage. Now it's getting sunny and you hate Ultraviolet light, so you duck into the Underworld to get into the Near Dark.  But the door is locked!  "Let Me In!" you cry, "Let the Right One In!" but you realize that Only Lovers will be Left Alive and you've developed a powerful Thirst and you still need to figure out your costume! It's a real Strain, Being Human, and you really don't want to look like The Lost Boys on Halloween!

Wait, but of course! You can be a Vampire! (The best answers are usually right in front of our faces, aren't they?)

We don't want you to bite off more than you can chew, so here's a great Vampire costume that needs only the Dare to Wear Renaissance Dress in Belladonna, a set of bloody fangs, and a red choker necklace.

Vampire Costume using Dare to Wear Renaissance Dress in Belladonna

Dare to Wear Renaissance Dress in Joan of ArcYou could also use the Renaissance Dress in Joan of Arc:








Dare to Wear Renaissance Dress in BurgundyOr, if you prefer solids, the Renaissance Dress in Burgundy:












Our friend Emily Lambert shows how you can also create a fun Vampire costume out of the Dare to Wear Electra top in Garnet, Harmony leggings in Black and a few other accessories.

Vampire Costume idea using Dare Fashion Electra top in Garnet

So there's your silver bullet to have an easy, fun Vampire costume! In it, you can live forever if you have a Bloody Mary and stay away from the garlic and the wooden stakes.

And when you put the "Vamp" in Vampire, don't forget to take pictures for our Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Photo Contest! You could win a $500 Shopping Spree! It would be a bloody shame if you didn't enter!

Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Contest - Grand Prize: $500 Shopping Spree

What's your favorite Vampire movie or TV show? Tell us in the comments section below!


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