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Write your own Fairy Tale...

October 18, 2016


Flitting through the forest on gossamer wings, casting magical spells, righting wrongs... who wouldn't want to be a fairy? Well, at least you can dress up as one for Halloween! Here's an easy Woodland Fairy costume that uses our Dare to Wear Ophelia top in Envy and our Harmony Leggings in Black. All you need to do is add a green choker necklace, some green fairy wings and some fresh flowers for your hair.


Prefer to be a specific fairy? Or just really love Disney? You can easily adapt this to a Tinker Bell costume by swapping the leggings for a green tutu and adding a fairy wand. Sorry, we don't have an exact image of this costume, but it will look something like this:

Tinkerbell Costume


Yes, we know that fairies and elves are VERY different creatures, but you can also use the Ophelia top in Envy as the base for an elf costume. One of our favorites is the FIERCE Tauriel, "Daughter of the Forest" from The Hobbit. Get a set of leather wrist cuffs to tuck the sleeves into, and make sure you watch this easy tutorial (by Silvousplaits;) on how to get the braids right.

Tauriel bright


Let's see, we've mentioned fairies and elves... which enchanted forest creatures are we forgetting? Oh yeah, gnomes! Believe it or not, you can use the Ophelia top in Envy to make a fun, sexy Gnome costume, too. In the photo below, Crissy, our Operations Manager, is dressed as a Lawn Gnome... in its natural habitat. Is there a difference between a Forest Gnome, a Lawn Gnome, and Garden Gnome? We don't gnome for sure. We ARE sure that Crissy did not buy her hat at Gnome Depot. She made it herself! Want to know how? Ask in the comments below!

Crissy as Lawn Gnome in Dare to Wear Ophelia top in Envy


No matter what character you play in this Halloween's Fairy Tale (fairie, elf, gnome, or other), don't forget to take pictures for our Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Photo Contest. You could win a $500 shopping spree - now THAT would be enchanting and magical, wouldn't it?

Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Contest - Grand Prize: $500 Shopping Spree



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