Thar's yer Pirate Treasure!

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Chih Shih Image

 Ahoy! Did you know one of the most legendary pirates in history was a woman? In the early 1800s, Ching Shih DOMINATED the China Sea at the helm of the marauding Red Flag fleet. She personally commanded over 400 ships manned by about 30,000 pirates, and eventually had control of over 1,500 ships, totaling 80,000 raiders! She established an iron-clad code of conduct and her inspired fleet was never defeated, even when challenged by the Chinese Imperial Navy, the Portuguese Armada, and the British Royal Navy! If you're not offended by off-color, pirate language, click here for a lively account of her all-around badassedness.


Pirate Costume using Dare to Wear Treasure top in Burgundy

This Halloween, "Dare" to express your own badassedness with a sexy pirate costume featuring Dare to Wear! Starrrrt with the Treasure Top in Burgundy, add some striped leggings or pants and top it off with a piirrrrate hat. Arrrgh, ye landlubbers, yer no match for this lady sea rrrrobberrr!


Pirate Costume using Dare to Wear Renaissance Top in Black

Ye can also harness your pirate swagger with the Dare to Wear Renaissance Top in Black. She came, she saw, she conquered. Later, Raider!


Pirate Costume using Dare to Wear Sweetheart Top in Blue Violet

Our friend Emily suggests using the Sweetheart top in Blue Violet to showcase your swashbuckling style. In this outfit, you'll steal everything, including the show!

Need more ideas for bold buccaneer, curvy corsair outfits? Set a course for our Pirate Pinterest Board!

Finally, when you're dressed as a pirate, you'll need something to say besides, "Arrrrgh!" So how about some bad pirate jokes? Q: Why did the pirate cross the road? A: To get to the second hand store!

Know any other pirate jokes (bad or good?) Leave them in the comments for your salty sisters to use as they take Halloween by STORM!


Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Contest - Grand Prize: $500 Shopping Spree



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