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Bad Kitty Costume

If you wait until the last minute, you could wind up wearing a goofy, makeshift Halloween costume. You might have 9 lives, but don't you want to look fabulous in this one?






Our sexy animal print kitty costume starts with the Dare to Wear Bolero top in Wildcat. We've designed this top to show off your curves, because we know that your figure is purr-fect, just the way that it is! Pair it with a fluffy leopard tail and perky leopard ears and you're ready to go on the prowl! Whether you're a kitten or a cougar, you'll be the Cat's Meow!

Dare to Wear Bolero Top in Wildcat Kitty Costume


Dare to Wear Bolero Top in Silver CheetahNot feeling the leopard print? Maybe the regal Bolero top in Silver Cheetah is more your saucer of milk...

Dare to Wear Bolero Top in Wild PurpleOr maybe with a bit of catnip, the slightly psychedelic, zebra-snakeskin-tie-dye Bolero top in Wild Purple will be right up your alley...

Or perhaps you'll want to go with the classic: The Black Cat. Easy to do with the Bolero top in Black, Harmony leggings in Black, and black cat ears and tail. Everyone will want to cross your path in that slinky get-up!

Dare to Wear Black Cat Costume Collage

On a budget? Don't want to buy the cat ears and tail? No problem if you're not afraid of a little DIY. There are easy tutorials here and here (and plenty of others if you are Pinterested).


And, you can has Cheezburger and eat it, too! Because the great thing about Dare to Wear is that you can use it for your Halloween costume AND wear it for other occasions throughout the year

But don't forget to take photos of your Bolero Kitty Cat costume to enter our Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Photo Contest. You could win a $500 Dare Fashion Shopping Spree! That would REALLY be having your Cheezburger and eating it, too!

Dare Fashion Halloween Costume Contest - Grand Prize: $500 Shopping Spree

Do you have other tips for a pretty kitty costume? Or ideas for other costumes that use the Bolero top? Or do you just love cats? Please Dare to Share in the comments below!


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