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30 Costume Ideas for Plus Sizes: Show your Style and Confidence!

September 28, 2023 1 Comment

We get it! It's hard to come up with that perfect costume - one that celebrates your curves and reflects your unique style... But fear not, we're here to help! In this blog post, we've curated 30 costume ideas that work especially well for plus sizes. From fierce characters to whimsical beings, we've included a diverse range of options to suit every taste and personality. We've also added links to blogposts with more details and to pages where you can get some of the costume pieces. So dive in to discover some fun and fabulous outfits that you'll wear with confidence!

Vampire Vixen

: Embrace your dark (and thirsty!) side and reveal what we do in the shadows with a dramatic Gothic gown, vampire fangs, sultry makeup & a blood red choker necklace. Vampire Costume Blogpost | Shop Vampire Costumes
Dare Fashion Vampire Costume featuring Black Renaissance Corset Dress


Queen of Hearts

: Heads will roll when you show up in this outfit! A stylish corset top and a flowy checkered skirt for you... perhaps some checkered leggings, too!  Queen of Hearts Blogpost | Wonderland Costumes Blogpost
Queen of Hearts Costume featuring Dare Fashion Corsetta Top in Red Queen



: Sure you could be a superhero like Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, or Storm. But wouldn't it be more fun to be a supervillain like Catwoman, Poison Ivy, or Harley Quinn? Here's how: Supervillain Costumes Blogpost
Poison Ivy Harley Quinn Catwoman Costumes using Dare Fashion Tops


Gothic Witch

: Conjure a spellbinding Gothic Witch get-up with a corset dress, a pointy hat, and a pentagram pendant. Witch Costume Blogpost | Shop Witch Costumes
Gothic Witch Costume using Dare Fashion Renaissance Corset Dress in Black


Kitty Cat

: MEOW! Embrace your feline side with a playful kitty cat costume, featuring an animal print corset top or bodysuit, cat ears, and a tail. A purr-fect look for plus sizes! Kitty Cat Costume Blogpost | Shop Kitty Cat Costumes
Kitty Cat Costume using Dare to Wear Bolero Corset Top in Wildcat


Pirate Captain

: Command the high seas and channel your inner swashbuckler with a sexy pirate ensemble, complete with a corset top, a choker necklace, tricorn hat & striped tights. Pirate Costume Blogpost1 | Pirate Costume Blogpost2 | Shop Pirate Costumes
Sexy Pirate Costume featuring Dare Fashion Treasure Corset Top


Steampunk Sojourner

: Combine Victorian fashion with industrial elements for a unique, retro-fabulous look, featuring a grommeted corset top, lace, gears, and goggles. Steampunk Costume Blogpost | Shop Steampunk Collection
Steampunk Costume Captain Adventurer using Dare Fashion Electra Top


Renaissance Wench

: Evoke the vibrant playful atmosphere of a Renaissance Faire in a charming tavern wench costume, complete with a corset top, floral crown or bandana and flowing skirt. Huzzah! Renaissance Faire Blogpost | Shop Renaissance Collection
Renaissance Faire Costumes: Renaissance Tavern Wenches


Beetlejuice Babe

: Say it three times and she appears, wearing a sexy, feminine version of the iconic black-and-white striped suit, featuring a designer Dare to Wear top & matching leggings. It's SHOWTIME!!! Beetlejuice Costume Blogpost | Shop Beetlejuice Look
Beetlejuice Costume using Dare Fashion Roxanne Top and Peached Leggings


Dia de los Muertos

: Celebrate the vibrant Mexican tradition with a lacy top or dress, floral headpiece, & striking sugar skull makeup. Dia de los Muertos Blogpost | Shop Lacy Sweetheart Tops | Shop Sugar Skull Leggings
Dare Fashion Dia de los Muertos Costume using Sweetheart Corset Top in Blueberry


Greek Goddess

: Choose a mythical goddess or nymph, such as Aphrodite, Artemis, or Athena, and embody their grace and beauty with a flowing white dress and a crown of flowers or laurel. Shop Dare Fashion White Collection
Greek Goddess Costume using Renaissance Corset Dress in Athens


Fortune Teller

: Look into the crystal ball! Behold a captivating costume that combines a richly colored Renaissance Top, eclectic flowing skirts, a glamorous turban & statement jewelry! Fortune Teller Blogpost | Shop Renaissance Tops
Fortune Teller Costume using Dare Fashion Renaissance Corset Top in Plum


Zombie Bride

: Unleash your undead charm with a hauntingly beautiful zombie bride costume! Start with a white wedding gown and add ghostly makeup, and bloodied details that blend everlasting horror and elegance! Shop Dare Fashion White Collection
Greek Goddess Costume using Renaissance Corset Dress in Athens


Woodland Fairy

: Flit into the enchanted realm as a beautiful fairy, with wings, glitter, and whimsical flowy top or gown. Woodland Fairy blogpost | Shop Ophelia Tops | Shop Electra Tops
Woodland Fairy Costume using Dare Fashion Ophelia Corset Top in Envy


Hippie Flower Child

: Embrace peace and love with a bohemian-inspired costume, featuring flowing skirts, floral or tie-dye patterns, and a groovy headband. Shop Groovy Dare Tie-Dyes
Andressa wearing Dare Fashion Angel Dress in Seascape Tie-Dye



: Who ya' gonna call? Gear up as a fearless paranormal investigator with a Ghostbuster costume, all you need is a flightsuit, backpack to make into your proton pack, and some slime... Shop Flight Suits from Sante Grace
Sante Grace Flight Suit for Ghostbusters Costume


Wild West Cowgirl

: Saddle up with a Western-inspired top, fringed suede jacket, cowboy hat, and cowboy boots.
Dare to Wear Corsetta Corset Top in Country Rose


Viking Warrior

: Inspired by Vikings or the Last Kingdom? Or maybe Xena - The Warrior Princess? Emanate fierce strength and bravery wearing a badass grommetted top, leather cuffs, and protective shield. Shop Electra TopsThree badass models wearing Dare Fashion Electra Corset Tops


Fairy Godmother

: Transform into a magical fairy godmother with a flowing gown, a sparkling wand, and a crown. Which Witch blogpost | Shop Renaissance Dresses
Dare to Wear Fairy Godmother Costume Good Witch Bad Witch Image


Morticia Addams

: Slip into a form-fitting black gown with lace accents that captures the dramatic essence of the iconic matriarch. Know anyone who can go as Wednesday? Shop all Renaissance Dresses
Ashley wearing Dare Fashion Renaissance Corset Dress in Black


Divine Angel

: Grace your event with your heavenly beauty as you radiate a stunning angelic glow. You'll need a white top or dress, shimmering accessories, and a touch of celestial magic. Shop Angel Dresses | Shop Dare Fashion White Collection
Tina wearing Angel Top in White Silver as Angel Costume


Medieval Princess

: Magically bring a storybook princess to life! Whether you identify with Cinderella, Snow White or Elsa or Daenerys, Sansa or Anya, Dare Fashion dresses and tops are a great place to start!
Elena wearing Dare Fashion Renaissance Corset Dress in Black - Fallen Princess in snow


Circus Ringmaster

: Take charge as the charismatic ringmaster of the circus, with a top hat, tailcoat, and a whip or cane.
Lady Anna Calypso in Corsetta in Wonderland with Cane & Top Hat - Circus Ringmaster


Devil Diva

: Release your inner temptress in a sexy devil costume, featuring a bold red top or dress, horn headband, and a seductive sizzle that no one can resist! Angel Dress in Vermillion | Shop Dare Fashion Red Collection
Angel Dress in Vermillion - for use as a Devil Costume


1920s Gangster

: Suit up in pinstripes, a fedora hat, and a sharp suit for a sophisticated and daring gangster costume. Shop Pinstripe Leggings


Merry Mermaid

: Dive into a mystical underwater world with a shimmering mermaid skirt or dress, seashell bra or haltertop, and flowing ocean-inspired accessories.


Disco Queen

: Channel the groovy vibes of the '70s with a sparkly jumpsuit, platform shoes, and a big afro wig.


Jazz Age Flapper

: Glorify the glamour of the Jazz Age with a fringed flapper dress, a feathered headband, and a long pearl necklace.


Egyptian Queen

: Channel the beauty of Cleopatra with a stunning Egyptian-inspired costume, featuring a gold gown, intricate headdress, and bold eye makeup.


Retro Pin-Up Girl

: Dish out the the classic style of the 1950s with a polka dot dress, victory curls, and bold red lipstick.


Remember, the most important thing is to choose a costume that makes you feel confident and comfortable. Choose wisely and you'll rock your costume with pride! You got this!

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October 26, 2023

I have 2 different pairs of skull leggings. I love them. I get compliments when I wear them. They are still soft and comfortable. I put them in the washer and hang them dry. I will buy more leggings when I can. They are good quality.

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