Moms Rule.

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Three Renaissance Moms: Shirley Wang, Maria Slastina & Elizabeth Sunde

A couple years ago, we had a "Bring your Mom to Work" Day at Dare Fashion. Three of our moms were able to come. Natalia's mom, Maria (or Masha) was visiting all the way from Siberia; Ben's mom, Shirley, came on the BART subway from Walnut Creek, and Lisa and Kristen's mom, Elizabeth, drove up from Belmont. We had an awesome time together - we took them out lunch, and then they saw our office, toured our sub-contracted sewing factory, saw where we organized our inventory, and posed for this priceless photo wearing our Renaissance top in African Violet. (The African Violet colorway is sold out, but we have many other great Renaissance prints for sale!)

Mother's Day is just around the corner and we ARE having a Mother's Day Sale - you may use coupon code MOMDAY to take 15% off your entire order! But it gets even better -  if you leave an appreciation of your mom* in the Comments Section below, we'll send you a coupon for 50% off any item of your choosing! Gratitude for Mom? That's definitely a voice we want to amplify!

To kick off the Mom LoveFest, we wrote appreciations for the three moms in the photo:

Natalia Slastina head shot"I am so grateful that my mom, Maria Slastina, has always believed in me and my sister; her support of us has never, ever wavered. She always told us that with hard work, patience, and dedication we could achieve whatever we wanted. She never put us down, told us we could not do something, or limited us in any way. Her faith in us gave us the strength to go out into the world and follow our dreams. Without her, I wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue sports and travel, move to another country, or become a fashion designer. Thanks for believing in me, Mom!" -Natalia Slastina

Benjamin Wang head shot"My mother, Shirley Wang, is a real people person. Everyone loves my mom because she is so genuine and generous - her laugh comes easily and she loves to share her experiences and her wisdom. By example, she taught me to treat people from all stations in life with dignity and respect. When there were workmen at our house, Mom would offer them snacks and drinks, and ask them about their families. She would never talk down to people, but instead would find ways to prop them up - because she cares about the people around her, they all love her back!" -Ben Wang

Kristen Sunde head shot"My mother, Elizabeth Sunde, is my personal hero and forever role model. This selfless woman is the heart of our family, a pillar of strength, a fountain of energy, and a mischievous prankster all rolled up in one. She is adventurous, hard-working, charitable, resourceful, and determined — always with a twinkle in her eye, a clever quip on her tongue, and a nothing’s-going-to-stop-me attitude. When she arrives, everyone smiles because the room just got ten times more fun. I am blessed to call her my mother and friend, and celebrate her always. Happy Mother’s Day!" -Kristen Sunde

We can't wait to read YOUR appreciations of your mom. Love up your mom in the Comments, and we'll love you back with a 50% off coupon!

*If you grew up in a household with only your dad, or with two dads, or you were raised by your grandparents or an aunt or in any other permutation of the modern family, we want to include you, too! Please leave an appreciation for the most motherly figure in your life and we'll send you the 50% code.

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  1. simrenmehra August 07, 2017

    your topic related to mother i realy realy liked

  2. Deb Templeton May 12, 2017

    My mom is an absolutely amazing woman who inspires me constantly with her kindness and optimism. People always are impressed at her ability to find the silver lining on the darkest stormcloud. We laugh hysterically every time we get together. She has shown me what it means to love unconditionally and I am so very grateful to have her as my mom.

  3. Daunell Barton May 11, 2017

    My mom is a rock star, she’s raised her 3 kids plus many of our friends who quite literally grew up at our house. She works with special needs kids at her K-8th school, tutors kids after school and is going to school for her masters all while combating fibromyalgia and diabetes. She loves unconditionally and is the greatest cheerleader one could ever ask for. She is my hero.

  4. Lisa Eberly May 11, 2017

    my grandmother raised me so all intents and purposes she was my mom. she was my strength her wisdom has helped me all through my life I miss her so much. Happy mothers day in heaven.

  5. Christina porter May 04, 2017

    My mom passed away when I was 12, now i am 50 and a mom myself… But had a wonderful foster mom that raised me and my siblings until we were 18 and graduated. She also raised 8 kids of her own. She was a inspiration to me and how to raise a family with so much love. I’m thankful for her for making me a good mom. ?

  6. Lindsay Elaine Emanuel May 02, 2017

    My Momma is the glue that holds our family together. She has always supported, loved, and encouraged me. She accepts me just as I am. Three years ago in April, she almost died from an infection that resulted from a car accident. I am so thankful we have had more time with her. She is the strongest woman I have ever known. The pain she went through in that time would have overtaken me, but my Momma is a fighter!

  7. Chris Wileman May 01, 2017

    My Momma is gone now. We lost her to cancer.
    My Mom was the best unconditional lover I have ever known!
    I wrote this blog for her.
    I miss her so terribly and if your Mom is still with you, I hope you give her lots of hugs and kisses!!

  8. Marie-Michelle May 01, 2017

    My mom is the best in the world! She supports me in my illness, she is always there for me, she is my best friend. I love her and I often tell her not to forget her.

  9. Claire Jacques May 01, 2017

    My mom always encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do. She never said, “You have to be a doctor,” or “You have to be a lawyer,” or whatever. When she found out I had a flair for art at a young age, she made sure I always had crayons and paint and clay and she never yelled at me for drawing pictures on the walls or in books. Now, thanks to ler love and support, I run my own business making and selling art! Thanks, Mom :)

  10. Lisa Huttner May 01, 2017

    I havE an awesome mom. She raised 4 children. The first 3 are a year apart, followed by my sister 3 years later. But, my mom didn’t stop there. My parents also had foster children and foreign exchange students. I have 7 foster siblings and 4 foreign exchange siblings. As if all those kids weren’t enough, my mom owned and ran our local flower shop and the local Department of Motor Vehicles. I have no idea how she did all that. US kids had a great childhood with lots of love. I admire my mom for all she did. She is now 83 years old now, and she is finally able to sit down and relax. Thank you mom, for everything you have done for all of us kids. You raised us all to be kind, caring, responsible adults. I know that I could never have done even half of what you did. You are an awesome mom. Truly the best. I love you so much. Happy Mothers Day Mom!!