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Turn Valentine's Day into Treat Yo Self Day!

February 04, 2022

Hey hey hey! This is Natty C, “The Self Love Warrior.” It’s been a while since I’ve shared a message here, but just like Santa Claus shows up at Christmas and the Easter Bunny comes at Easter, The Self Love Warrior pops up on Valentine’s Day. Remember back in elementary school when kids would give out cards to each other on Valentines?  Well pretend this post is a big, beautiful glittertastic card I am putting in the box on your desk saying how AWESOME you are. 😍🤩😍🤩😍


Peanuts® Valentine's Day Bulletin Board Set at Lakeshore Learning


I know this holiday brings up a lot of stuff for people. Some people celebrate it a lot, some people don’t celebrate it at all, and some people wish they had people to celebrate it with. However, I’m here to tell you I think we NEED to take this year’s celebration up a notch. This has been a crazy hard 2 years of living in a pandemic. We need to have things to look forward to and celebrate. 


So, I am proposing we turn Valentine’s Day into TREAT YO SELF DAY. Sure, go ahead and celebrate it with your lover. Do it up with your Galentine friends. But also think of how great it would feel to spend the day loving YOURSELF up. Now you may be thinking - Natty, I don’t know how to show love to myself, or I don’t have the time or energy. Don’t worry, I have a few easy things you can do throughout the day to celebrate YOU:

  1. Put on something FUN and FABULOUS. 


If you are anything like me, I have worn pajamas and sweatpants waaaay too much the past 2 years. One thing that always helps put more pep in my step is a fun outfit that makes me feel sexy and fabulous, like these outfits from Dare Fashion. I put them on and instantly feel fabulous! They also have designed outrageously cute & comfortable masks to match your outfits!

  1. Take yourself on a date

When I was younger, all my friends had boyfriends. I longed for someone to ask me out, but all I ended up with was Ken Pretend, Steve Make Believe, and Jake the Fake. Those were the names of the imaginary boyfriends I created to make myself feel better. 


Pin by Samantha Satterlee on Drew. | Never been kissed, Never been kissed  movie, Love movie


Today I know how to have fun being single and I love the experience of taking myself to the movies, just to honor some special "me time". Pro tip, you don’t have to share your popcorn with anyone, and you choose how much butter to put on! Feel like staying in this year? Great! Order your favorite meal, get comfy, and watch a nostalgic movie that just makes you feel good!


  1. Limit or unfollow any social media that doesn’t make you feel good.

Yes, I said it. Unfollow the pages and people who make you feel bad about yourself. It’s way too easy to fall down the comparison spiral when looking at social media. If it makes you feel anxious or not good enough, in the words of Elsa in Frozen, "Let it go". 


  1. Dare to SELF CARE

Drinking enough water, putting on hydrating lotion, and doing some light stretches are all ways of saying, "I love you" to your body. Self-care can also look like saying "no, thank you" to an event you don’t want to attend and taking a bubble bath instead. This can be YOUR day! Take it old school and make yourself a beautiful card. Being creative is also a wonderful way to relieve stress.



XOXO Natty C ;)



*PS: If you'd like to Treat Yo Self to some new Dare Fashion, use code ILOVEME2022 to take 22% off all styles in red & pink!

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