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Méli Oakheart: Modeling Wisdom & Beauty

May 24, 2022

Victorian, Meli Hoppe, Gothic, Boho, Medieval, Steampunk, Nordic, Brown, Walnut, Corset

Multi-talented Méli Oakheart (aka Madmoiselle Méli) is radiant in Alchemy in Brown Topaz!


Tell us about yourself in one sentence!

I'm a creative spirit walking on the old way of keltoi beliefs, blessed with multiple skills, having much love to share and living my best time on this planet as beloved mom & wife of the love of my life.


We see that you have a lot of creative pursuits. What are you focused on right now?

At the moment, I’m focused on drawing. I’m practicing a lot to get more skills and routines because there is something coming soon I'm sadly not allowed to talk about yet, but it's a project with a high meaning in my life.


Meli Hoppe's Owl & Fox Watercolor Paintings

Méli's artwork reflects her intelligence and creative spirit.


What are your goals for your art?

That I'm pleased with the results and that some people would like to hang it in their houses.


Where do you find creative inspiration for your art?

Everywhere in everything. It can be the beauty of nature, the art humans created during the centuries or it can be people themselves.


Victorian, Meli Hoppe, Gothic, Boho, Medieval, Steampunk, Nordic,  Dark Red, Maroon, Blood, Brick, Wine, Merlot, Crimson, Fairy

The Beauty in Nature: Méli models our Renaissance Top in Burgundy


How would you describe your personal style? How has it changed over time?

My husband calls it "pagan medieval forest fae hippie witch" and I think that matches it very well.


The "pagan medieval forest fae hippie witch" in the center of Germany


My style has become more rooted over the years but the base hasn't changed much. Just the colours I wear have shifted from traditional Goth black to autumnal earth tones. I still love things today which I loved as child or teenager. I'm fashion addicted: when I say "fashion" I’m talking about multi-period fashion of centuries, not of things modern people dictate are currently "en vogue".  



Your outfits seem so expressive. Do different outfits make you feel differently? In what way?

That's a good and kind of difficult question. In the past I mostly used fashion to hide my inner self. As "evil" Goth, I looked more bad than I felt, but at the same time, it was also part of me. Today I'm very calm & more self-loving & self-caring than back in the days so I'm dressing up now how I feel and who I absolutely am. My clothes are and always have been just a mirror of my inner feelings.


Meli Hoppe,  Victorian, Gothic, Boho, Medieval, Steampunk, Nordic, Black, Dark Raven, Ebony, Charcoal

Madmoiselle Méli's Goth expression of our Electra Top in Raven, Renaissance Top in Black, and Alchemy Top in Amethyst


How do you feel when you wear Dare Fashion? What inspires you about our clothing line?

I love the flow & the cut of your clothes. The patterns are playful and bring out the beauty of my curves so well. When I wear your stuff I mostly feel like a fairy queen. The only thing I would love to see in the future from you is the same clothes made of organic cotton or any other natural fibre.

How did you find Dare Fashion?

It was many years ago on Instagram.

Meli Hoppe, Victorian, Gothic, Boho, Celtic, Steampunk, Romantic, Jade, Forest, Kelly, Hunter, St. Patrick's Day

Méli is so sweet in our Sweetheart Top in Emerald!

You mentioned that our clothing helped you during your pregnancy. Please tell us more about that. Was it difficult finding maternity clothing that suited your personal taste/style?

I don't know how it is in other countries, but in Germany most clothes you can buy have the same colours and boring cuts: black, dark blue, white and grey. And they absolutely annoyed me. There are some brands selling other colours but never matching my style. So I was so happy with these few pieces I had left over from our first collaboration years ago which fit me perfectly even with my big baby bump in my last trimester.


How long have you been modeling? How did your modeling career start? How did social media change the modeling industry?

Well, I nearly can’t believe it but it is my 20th anniversary of modeling this year. I was asked to do my first modeling job back in march 2002.

Social media did change it in that you can be happy to be picked as model and get paid.  There are so many pretty girls out there & it seems like everyone is an model or influencer these days. It has good and bad sides, as with everything. I'm just happy that I don't have to do it anymore for a living.


Meli Hoppe, Corset, Victorian, Gothic, Boho, Medieval, Steampunk, Nordic, Black, Dark Raven, Ebony, Charcoal
This friendly Witch is wearing our Renaissance Top in Black

What made you decide to take a break from modeling? What made you decide to start again?

Back in 2017 I had a bad burn out which made it impossible for me to do any kind of modeling work anymore. My week was full with shootings and I had to run my one-woman-business. I completely broke down under this pressure.

I was so down that I said I don't want to model anymore, but as it was such a big part of my life for over a decade, I started to miss it as creative way to free my mind so I decided to come back but with different conditions from the past.

I mostly work just with myself as photographer and it's just for fun, no longer my life-business.


Victorian, Meli Hoppe, Gothic, Boho, Medieval, Steampunk, Nordic,  Dark Red, Maroon, Blood, Brick, Wine, Merlot, Crimson, Fairy
Having fun while looking beautiful in our Renaissance Top in Burgundy


How has social media affected you professionally? How has it affected you personally?

I guess I need to blame social media as booster of my break down back in 2017.  So it affected me in both ways. Today I'm happy just to use it for personal stuff and I only share what I really want to share.


Victorian, Meli Hoppe, Gothic, Boho, Medieval, Steampunk, Nordic, Brown Fairy
A Fairy interpretaion of our Renaissance Dress in Walnut


We noticed you travel a lot. What are some favorite places that you’ve been? Where do you want to go next?

Travelling is very important for me indeed, even when it's hard for me to be separated from my beloved cat these days (I always leave my cat in the best hands be taken care of, but I'm a crazy cat lady & I miss my furry snuggles lol). So my family & I do mostly short trips to nearby places. The next big trip is planned for August towards the North again, but no exact plans yet.


What life lessons have you learned from traveling?

Be thankful for Mother Nature and for your home.


If you look closely, you can find magical spirits in the forest!

What is something you wish you could tell your younger self? Now that you are a mother, what is one piece of advice you would give your daughter?

I would love to tell my younger self that there is always a light coming into the darkest hour even when you’ve nearly lost your belief. So this is what I will tell my child.



Sometimes everyone needs a warm Embrace Sweater in Olive Tarot!


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