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Earth Day 2022

April 22, 2022


Dearest Dare Fashionistas,

Thank you for restoring our faith.

For folks who care about our environment, reading the news can be pretty darn depressing. Between wars in Middle East and Ukraine, polarizing politics, Big Oil & climate change, we appear to be hammering away at each other and trashing our lovely little planet in the process. 😱

But when you all wrote in with your green environmental tips during our St. Patrick's Day campaign💚, it reminded us that no matter how desperate things may seem, we can all do something. And taken together, all our somethings raise the collective vibration; our individual green choices have a ripple effect that raise the environmental consciousness of our society.

So keep doing what you are doing, Fashionistas 💪! Keep making choices that are healthy for you and for the planet. Keep the faith that in large ways and small, we are all making a difference. Because we are.

Wondering what (else) you can do? Below are some tips from your fellow Fashionistas. Happy Earth Day, y'all! 🌎



"Invest in a water dispenser machine to cut down on plastic bottle pollution in our landfills and ocean 🌊 🌍❤️ " - Stacy P.

"I brought a silverware set to work so I don't use plastic forks and knives. I wash them and reuse them so no waste." - Mary Jene H.

"Print 2-sided whenever possible and cut up old papers to use to jot down notes like grocery lists." - Amanda K. 

"Find a creative way to conserve water: take shorter showers, water your plants with old water your pet didn’t drink." - Beatriz A. 



"[Drink from] reusable water bottle." -  Katey K.

"Buy at second hand, thrift shops or tag sales. Donate used goods to 501c charities." - Judith H.

"Take reusable straws and cutlery wherever you go to save on one use plastics!" - Robin M

"Repurpose empty prescription bottles for traveling with jewelry. Remove label and put matching sets in each bottle. I’ve done this for years and it helps in keeping your beautiful pieces in top condition." - Wanda H.B.

"We have switched to reusable drink containers for day to day use instead of carrying away plastic." - Sandra A.

"Use a reusable grocery bag when grocery shopping. Or reuse plastic grocery bags as trash bags." - Stephanie B.

"Recycle or reuse empty food containers after cleaning them good! I personally like using them to store my craft and sewing supplies."- Ashley M.

"Join your local co-op/swap meet group instead of always buying new stuff. One person's junk is another person's treasure." - Alisha H.



"Recycle those cardboard boxes, plastics and cans!"- Cristal P. 

"Recycle water and milk jugs into mini greenhouse, works great!" - Valerie H. 


Choose Consciously  

"Go meatless one more time a week. If you're already a vegetarian, go vegan once a week. If you're already vegan, you're probably already thinking about where your stuff is coming from, but if not, look at locally sourced work." - Richard B.

"If you have to replace an appliance like a dryer, water heater, or stove, consider switching to natural gas from electric. Saves money on your electric bill too!" - Katie F


Organic Alternatives

"Ground up eggshells are great additives for soil. They will eventually dissolve into the dirt when buried and will provide calcium and other minerals to your plants plus they will stay out of the landfills. Just be sure to grind them up or it is not as easy for the shells to break down." - Spookyboorhodes

"With spring right around the corner ants will be coming out, at least here in Arkansas. Used coffee grounds or black pepper is a great alternative to any pesticides, I sprinkle it around my base boards. Works great!" - Cilla M.

"Make your own cleaners. Less waste of plastic, and you choose what ingredients you put in. I make my own “febreeze” using 3 parts distilled water, 1 part rubbing alcohol, 1 part vinegar & a drop or two of vanilla (you can use EOs if you prefer). Cheaper, you can make big or small batches, and it’s safe for use around pets (without the EOs)." - Angi M.


Angel Top in Plum

-The Dare Team

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